Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What experience does EyeCare Services have in the optical market?

A. EyeCare Services has been providing high quality services to opticians for over 12 years. The Company's Managing Director, Julian Gooddy, has over 20 years experience within optics having worked at Board level for several contact lens, contact lens solutions, and spectacle lens manufacturers.

Q. How can I be sure that I will receive a high quality service?
A. The Company's employees have a history of providing the highest level of customer service in the optical industry. Julian Gooddy has led the team which won the prestigious Daily Telegraph/Energis Customer Service Award as the Company providing the best customer service in the UK.

Q. Can I be sure of confidentiality of patient information?
A. Yes. Opticians maintain total control of the relationship with their patients. Patient information is securely maintained and held separately and discretely from those of any other optician.

Q. The contact lens manufacturers currently provide a home delivery service to me. How does the service from EyeCare Services differ?
A. The home delivery service provided by EyeCare Services is tailored to the needs of each optician. Each package is received by the patient as though it had been sent by their optician, and contains a letter detailing the patient's prescription details and when they can expect their next delivery. The package contains the logo of the optician, and can include optician promotional leaflets.

Q. We already collect payment from patients by Direct Debit. What advantages do you offer?
A. Put simply - cost. Our Direct Debit costs are low so we are confident we can make significant savings for opticians over any in-house or outsourced direct debit service.

Q. How can I justify EyeCare Services creating an e-commerce business for me?
A. At EyeCare Services, we have estimated that an optician needs to receive only 5 additional orders per week through their website to justify the investment in their e-commerce business. From our experience, this is readily achievable.